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Preparation for Your Telepsychology Appointment

This part of preparing for your session is not something you may be used to thinking about when getting ready for a therapy session. It involves making sure that your comfortable space is appropriate for discussing private and personal information and that your devices are working and properly positioned. Below are some recommendations for doing that!

On a Video Call
Girl with Tablet

Things to keep in mind include:

Lighting – You’ll need adequate lighting during your appointment so your provider can see your face as clearly as they could face-to-face. Try not to sit with your back to direct sunlight for instance in front of a window.  Check your webcam to make sure your entire face is illuminated on screen. This may involve bringing in additional lighting.  

Noise – Your appointment is between your provider and you. Advise others in your home that you will need to be undisturbed for the duration of your appointment. Close the door, close windows, turn off radios, cell phones and televisions. If possible, avoid “attending” your appointment in rooms where external sounds like doorbells and ringing phones can cause a disturbance.

For a printable PDF copy of Preparation for Your Telepsychology Appointment please click here.


Don’t schedule anything fifteen minutes before or after your appointment.  Please plan it appropriately ahead of time. This includes making sure you have your equipment running and ready to go at least fifteen minutes prior to your appointment.


Ensure you’ve tested the software before your session. This includes your microphone, camera, and other equipment to ensure you’re familiar with how your hardware and software works.

Ensure your internet connection is stable and fast. Try to sit close to your internet router and have a good connection. Try to limit how many other programs you have running (think of any music, Netflix, or games that could be draining your internet bandwidth).


Before your appointment, choose the space in your home where you’ll have your appointment.

Make sure that this space is able to separate you from other household members if they are not part of the session, or any other potential distractions, and try to create plans for counteracting them. 

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